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WHO we are Good Helper Business Consulting Co., Ltd., located in Shenzhen creative city. wiith unique local cultural background, professional knowledge, serious attitude, we are devoted  to full services of quality control inspection, factory auditor, sourcing and trading; we are also offering a ONE-STOP import and export business solution and aiming to create value for our clients worl...


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Our Advantages

Years of accumulated experience in design and development in the field of electronics.

  • <br/>Reasonable price

    Reasonable price

    Providing you the most professional QC Service with the reasonable price, saving your quality cost,Sourcing the best goods in reasonable price.

  • Professional team
    Professional team

    No extra charge for inspections on Saturday & Sunday, No extra charge for travelling cost,the report we submit is professional and detailed.

  • <br/>Professional service

    Professional service

    GHI base on fairly, openly, equitably,each inspection manuscript must be signed by the head of the factory and QC to confirm in case of fraud, and then submit the inspection manuscript to client for reference.

  • Authoritative recognition
    Authoritative recognition

    We have strict evaluation,callback and bribery prevention system,Our service tenet Provide a professional service to every client.

Quality Control Policy

Professional for you

The aim of GHB services is to reduce and eliminate as many of our client’s risks in accepting defective merchandise. Through our local inspections, we will monitor the correct fulfillment of the client’s orders and assure that the merchandise evaluated meets all specific requirements. 
For all orders we work with final samples for approval (= preproduction samples). We will do the QC on the samples and send them to the customer. Mass production will only start after customer’s approval.
During and after mass production samples are taken at random, based on the “Acceptable Quality Level” (AQL) principle.
How does sampling work during an inspection?
GHB recommends ANSI Z1.4 2003 sampling tables to determine the number of units that will be randomly selected for evaluation. Based on the lot or batch size, code letters are assigned that cross-reference to the sample size required depending on which plan is being employed. Single and double normal sampling plans are the most commonly used.
If you do not have existing sampling requirements, GHB will assist you in determining which plan works best for your specific needs.
What is Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)? 
An AQL, or Acceptable Quality Limit, is a probability limit chosen for a given product or process characteristic. There are normally three limits chosen, one for critical, major and minor. The designated value of defects, expressed as a percentage by the particular sampling procedure and level used will identify what the buyer will normally accept in the majority of cases. Different AQL may be designed for different defect classifications - Major and Minor.
Unless specified, we will adopt below AQL:
Critical Defect: Not allowed
Major Defect: 0.65
Minor Defect: 1.5
 Defect Classification Definition
- What are Critical Defects?
Any condition found which poses the possibility of causing injury or harm to, or otherwise endangering the life or safety of, the end user of the product or others in the immediate vicinity of its use. 
 - What are Major Defects?
Any condition found adversely affecting the product's marketability and sale-ability or adversely affecting its required form, fit, or function, and which is likely to result in the end user returning it to the source from which it was purchased for replacement or refund. 
- What are Minor Defects?
Any condition found which while possibly less than desirable to the end user of the product, does not adversely affect its required marketability, sale-ability, form, fit, or function and is unlikely to result in its return to the source from which it was purchased. 
Inspection Criteria
Inspection normally entails visual and manual examination for criteria such as:
- Style                         - Color                     - Workmanship              - Packaging        
- Shipping mark        - Dimension            - Quantity available       - Assortment
AQL chart as below:



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